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Driven by the desire to create a better world, Floor is intrigued by making an impact. She often asks the question, “How does one make a difference in the world?” She is extremely passionate about making a change and is flooded with enthusiasm, perseverance, and common sense.

She is COO of W&I Group, where she leads the branch of socioeconomic issues. She is an expert in the field of social marketing and is always ready to provide a creative, yet doable solution. She is also co-founder of Yes We Care, an international organization promoting social responsibility.

She frequently appears in national media, where she’s interviewed on topics such as social marketing, behavior change, community involvement and civil society.

With Floor, it’s all about applying knowledge and experience with the aim of creating an impact on society. In other words, what you achieve in your life and what is created as a result of that achievement. Life is more than just a resume. It isn’t the accomplishments of your life, but the results of your life that matter.


Social Marketing


Social marketing is a technique that combines psychological insights and marketing for social benefit. More

Social Business

Social Business

Community involvement and the organizing of business processes, with the goal being to maximize impact. More

Floor gives great advice and presentations on community involvement. She believes in taking action in social areas to strengthen the mission and inspiration of others, as she herself does a lot in the social field. She holds numerous voluntary positions around the world.

Floor is CEO of Yes We Care. The director position she holds at Yes We Care is entirely voluntary and unpaid. She leads a team of 80 volunteers worldwide.

Did you know a staggering 93% of consumers expect companies to do more than just making a profit? They expect them to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. Yes We Care knows which ratios and calculations are most vital to the understanding of the businesses impact and to instantly enhance the perceived value of the business, by doing good.

This prestigious international award is presented annually to a female leader from the business world, making himself useful by excellent leadership and management. These are large companies with sales of more than $ 10 million. The awards are presented from Virginia in the USA. Floor serves as a judge.

Focused on excellent work in the field of production and direction around TV, radio and online productions. The awards are international in nature, with jury based in Portland, Oregon. Floor serves as a judge.


Summit International Awards

Broadcast Jury

Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Preliminary Round Judge

Yes We Care


W&I Group



“Corporate citizenship is a great way to show customers you care. Make sure your social endeavors are in alignment with your corporate identity and core values.”

International, Press Conference UCLA, Los Angeles

“One should ask, what is the changing role of government in today’s modern society? The government and the people are now able to work together as partners.”

TV, Interview national news item

“Corporate social responsibility is the future. It gives businesses the edge. Customers are drawn to companies that show they care.”

Interview, University of Los Angeles



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